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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008São Luiz Craton and Gurupi Belt (Brazil): possible links with the West African Craton and surrounding Pan-African beltsKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; MOURA, Cândido Augusto Veloso
2004Significance of the Nova Brasilândia metasedimentary belt in western Brazil: Redefining the Mesoproterozoic boundary of the Amazon cratonTOHVER, Eric; PLUIJM, Ben van der; MEZGER, Klaus; ESSENE, Eric; SCANDOLARA, Jaime; RIZZOTTO, Gilmar
2004Timing and evolution of multiple Paleoproterozoic magmatic arcs in the Tapajós Domain, Amazon CratonSANTOS, João Orestes Schneider; VAN BREEMEN, Otto B.; GROVES, David I.; HARTMANN, Léo A.; ALMEIDA, Marcelo Esteves; MCNAUGHTON, Neal J.; FLETCHER, Ian R.
2012Geochronological correlation of the main coal interval in Brazilian Lower Permian: Radiometric dating of tonstein and calibration of biostratigraphic frameworkSIMAS, Margarete Wagner; GUERRA-SOMMER, Margot; CAZZULO-KLEPZIG, Miriam; MENEGAT, Rualdo; SANTOS, João Orestes Schneider; FERREIRA, José Alcides Fonseca; DEGANI-SCHMIDT, Isabela
2010Layered intrusions and volcanic sequences in Central Brazil: Geological and geochronological constraints for Mesoproterozoic (1.25 Ga) and Neoproterozoic (0.79 Ga) igneous associationsFERREIRA FILHO, Cesar Fonseca; PIMENTEL, Márcio Martins; ARAÚJO, Sylvia Maria de; LAUX, Jorge Henrique
2012Footprints of large theropod dinosaurs and implications on the age of Triassic biotas from Southern BrazilSILVA, Rafael Costa da; BARBONI, Ronaldo; DUTRA, Tânia; GODOY, Michel Marques; BINOTTO, Raquel Barros
2012Depositional ages of Paleozoic and Mesozoic pre-rift supersequences of the Recôncavo Basin in northeastern Brazil: A Rb-Sr radiometric study of sedimentary rocksSILVA, Diogo Rodrigues Andrade da; MIZUSAKI, Ana Maria Pimentel; MILANI, Edison José; PIMENTEL, Marcio
2012Geological and geochemical evolution of the Trincheira Complex, a Mesoproterozoic ophiolite in the southwestern Amazon craton, BrazilRIZZOTTO, Gilmar José; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo
2007Geochemistry and zircon geochronology of the I-type high-K calc-alkaline and S-type granitoid rocks from southeastern Roraima, Brazil. Orosirian collisional magmatism evidence (1.97–1.96 Ga) in central portion of Guyana ShieldALMEIDA, Marcelo Esteves; MACAMBIRA, Moacir J. B.; OLIVEIRA, Elma C.
2008Fabrics of pre- and syntectonic granite plutons and chronology of shear zones in the Eastern Borborema Province, NE BrazilARCHANJO, Carlos J.; HOLLANDA, Maria Helena B. M.; RODRIGUES, Sérgio Willians de Oliveira; BRITO NEVES, Benjamim Bley de; ARMSTRONG, Richard