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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP dating of a Neoproterozoic overprint in Paleoproterozoic granitic-gneissic terranes, southern BrazilSILVA, Luiz Carlos da; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo; MCNAUGHTON, Neal J.; FLETCHER, Ian
2012Geological and geochemical evolution of the Trincheira Complex, a Mesoproterozoic ophiolite in the southwestern Amazon craton, BrazilRIZZOTTO, Gilmar José; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo
2005The Neoproterozoic Mantiqueira Province and its African connections: a zircon-based U–Pb geochronologic subdivision for the Brasiliano/Pan-African systems of orogensSILVA, Luiz Carlos da; McNAUGHTON, Neal J.; ARMSTRONG,Richard; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo; FLETCHER,Ian R.
2001Gold deposits of the Tapajós and Alta Floresta Domains, Tapajós-Parima orogenic belt, Amazon Craton, BrazilSANTOS, João Orestes Schneider dos; GROVES, David Ian; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo; MOURA, Márcia Abrahão; MCNAUGHTON, Neal Jesse
2003Zircon U-Pb Shrimp Dating of the Serra dos Órgãos and Rio de Janeiro Gneissic Granitic Suites: implications for the (560 Ma) Brasiliano/Pan-African CollageSILVA, Luiz Carlos da; MCNAUGHTON, Neal J.; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo; FLETCHER, Ian R.
2003Age, source and regional stratigraphy of the Roraima Supergroup and Roraima-like outliers in northern South America based on U-Pb gechronologySANTOS, João Orestes Schneider; POTTER, Paul Edwin; REIS, Nelson Joaquim; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo; FLETCHER, Ian Robert; McNAUGHTON, Neal J.
2011Coeficientes de distribuição de elementos-traço em clinopiroxênio e plagioclásio de sills basálticos da Formação Serra Geral, BrasilRENNER, Leonardo Cardoso; HARTMANN, Léo Afraneo; WILDNER, Wilson; MASSONNE, Hans-Joachim; THEYE, Thomas