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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008São Luiz Craton and Gurupi Belt (Brazil): possible links with the West African Craton and surrounding Pan-African beltsKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; MOURA, Cândido Augusto Veloso
2002Geology of Paleoproterozoic Gneiss and Granitoid-Hosted Gold Mineralization in Southern Tapajós Gold Province, Amazonian Craton, BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; VASQUEZ, Marcelo Lacerda; ROSA-COSTA, Lúcia Travassos da; CARVALHO, José Maria de Azevedo
2000Fluid inclusion studies on Caxias and Areal gold mineralizations, São Luís Craton, northern BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; FUZIKAWA, K.; KOPPE, J. C.
2003Geology of quartz-vein gold deposits in the Ipitinga Auriferous District, northern Brazil, southeastern Guiana ShieldKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; ROSA-COSTA, Lúcia Travassos da
2010Origin of the CO2-only fluid inclusions in the Palaeoproterozoic Carará vein-quartz gold deposit, Ipitinga Auriferous District, SE-Guiana Shield, Brazil: Implications for orogenic gold mineralisationKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; FUZIKAWA, Kazuo
2001Hydrothermal fluid evolution and structural control of the Guarim gold mineralisation, Tapajós Province, Amazonian Craton, BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; SANTOS, Reginaldo Alves dos; FUZIKAWA, Kazuo; ANGELICA, Rômulo Simões
2004Estudo de inclusões fluidas em veio de quartzo aurífero do prospecto Patinhas, Província Aurífera do Tapajós, Cráton AmazônicoKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; ROSA-COSTA, Lúcia Travassos da; CARVALHO, José Maria de Azevedo
2008Geology and Fluid Characteristics of the Mina Velha and Mandiocal Orebodies and Implications for the Genesis of the Orogenic Chega Tudo Gold Deposit, Gurupi Belt, BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; GIRET, André; HARRIS, Chris; MOURA, Cândido A. V.; RIBEIRO, José W. A.
2008Geochemistry and zircon geochronology of paleoproterozoic granitoids: further evidence on the magmatic and crustal evolution of the Sao Luis cratonic fragment, BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; LUZARDO, Rene; MOURA, Candido A. V.; ARMSTRONG, Richard
2012Diversity of Rhyacian granitoids in the basement of the Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian Gurupi Belt, northern Brazil: Geochemistry, U–Pb zircon geochronology, and Nd isotope constraints on the Paleoproterozoic magmatic and crustal evolutionKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; RODRIGUES, Joseneusa B.; LOPES, Elem C. S.; SOLEDADE, Gilvana L.