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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The Cipoeiro gold deposit, Gurupi Belt, Brazil: Geology, chlorite geochemistry, and stable isotope studyKLEIN, Evandro L.; HARRIS, Chris; GIRET, André; MOURA, Candido A. V.
2002Geology of Paleoproterozoic Gneiss and Granitoid-Hosted Gold Mineralization in Southern Tapajós Gold Province, Amazonian Craton, BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; VASQUEZ, Marcelo Lacerda; ROSA-COSTA, Lúcia Travassos da; CARVALHO, José Maria de Azevedo
2000Fluid inclusion studies on Caxias and Areal gold mineralizations, São Luís Craton, northern BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; FUZIKAWA, K.; KOPPE, J. C.
2003Geology of quartz-vein gold deposits in the Ipitinga Auriferous District, northern Brazil, southeastern Guiana ShieldKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; ROSA-COSTA, Lúcia Travassos da
2008Selected ore deposits of BrazilHAGEMANN, Steffen; FRANTZ, Jose Carlos; JOST, Hardy
2011Low-temperature, hydrothermal base and precious metal deposits hosted by volcanic-sedimentary sequences of the Camaquã basin, southernmost BrazilREMUS, Marcus Vinícius Dorneles; HARTMANN, Léo Afrâneo; TONIOLO, João Angelo
1998Adularia associated with epithermal gold veins in the Tapajós mineral province, Pará state, northern Brazil.DREHER, Ana Maria; VLACH, Silvio R. F.; MARTINI, Sérgio L.
2005Reconnaissance Stable Isotope (C, O, H, S) Study of Paleoproterozoic Gold Deposits of the São Luis Craton and Country Rocks, Northern Brazil: implications for Gold MetallogenyKLEIN, Evandro L.; MOURA, Candido A. V.; HARRIS, Chris; GIRET, André
2001Hydrothermal fluid evolution and structural control of the Guarim gold mineralisation, Tapajós Province, Amazonian Craton, BrazilKLEIN, Evandro Luiz; SANTOS, Reginaldo Alves dos; FUZIKAWA, Kazuo; ANGELICA, Rômulo Simões
2006Fluid inclusion and stable isotope (O, H, C, and S) constraints on the genesis of the Serrinha gold deposit, Gurupi Belt, northern BrazilKLEIN, Evandro L.; HARRIS, Chris; RENAC, Christophe; GIRET, André; MOURA, Candido A. V.; FUZIKAWA, Kazuo