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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Mesoproterozoic bimodal magmatism in the Southeastern part of Rondonia, SW Amazonian Craton: 40ar/39ar geochronology and tectonic implicationsTEIXEIRA, W.; BETTENCOURT, J. S.; VASCONCELOS, P. M. P.; RIZZOTTO, Gilmar José; PACCA, I. G. I.; D'AGRELLA FILHO, M. S.
2003The Brazilian National Geochronological database: ChronobankSILVA, Luiz Carlos da; RODRIGUES, Joseneusa Brilhante; SILVEIRA, L. M. C.; PIMENTEL, M. M.
2003Rb-Sr And Sm-Nd Isotope geochemistry of granitoids from Esperança Granitic Complex, Paraíba State, Borborema Province, Northeast BrazilSAMPAIO, M. A.; GUIMARÃES, I. P.; ALMEIDA, C. N.; CARMONA, L. C. M.
2003An isotopic insight of the Sergipano Belt Stratigraphy: Radiogenic and Carbon IsotopesSILVA FILHO, M. A.; SIAL, A. N.; FERREIRA, V. P.; SILVA, J. C.
2003Three distinctive collisional orogenies in the Southwestern Amazoncraton: constraints from U-Pb geochronologySANTOS, João Orestes Schneider dos; RIZZOTTO, G. J.; CHEMALE, F.; HARTMANN, L. A.; QUADROS, Marcos L. Espírito Santo; McNAUGHTON, N. J.
2003Paleoproterozoic Evolution of Northwestern Roraima state – absence of Archean Crust, based on U-Pb and Sm-Nd Isotopic evidenceSANTOS, João Orestes Schneider dos; REIS, Nelson Joaquim; CHEMALE, F.; HARTMANN, L. A.; PINHEIRO, Sandoval da Silva; McNAUGHTON, N. J.
2003Contrasting Zircon growth patterns in Neoproterozoic granites of Southern Brazil revealed by Shrimp U-Pb analyses and SEM Imaging: consequences for the discrimination of emplacement and inheritance agesSILVA, Luiz Carlos da; MCNAUGHTON, N. J.; HARTMANN, L. A.; FLETCHER, I. R.