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dc.contributor.authorFERREIRA, Hugo de Souza Ferreira
dc.contributor.authorSILVA, Betânia Queiroz da
dc.contributor.authorALBUQUERQUE, Rodrigo Tadeu Diniz Bezerra de
dc.identifier.citationFERREIRA, Hugo de Souza Ferreira; SILVA, Betânia Queiroz da; ALBUQUERQUE, Rodrigo Tadeu Diniz Bezerra de. Utilização do sensoriamento remoto para análise de mudanças na dinâmica da paisagem da Foz do Rio São Francisco. In: Anais, @NUMERO EVENTO., 2011, Curitiba. @TITULO PUBLICACAO. Curitiba: @EDITORA, maio 2011. .
dc.description.abstractThe River São Francisco today occupies a strategical position in the scene of development of the Northeast Region. Known as River of the National Integration it comes suffering with constant anthropogenic|interventions in its course. The necessity to increase the generation of electric energy to supply the demand that guarantees the economic development of the country has been the main factor for construction of successive plants in its course. This process makes with that the natural outflow of the river is controlled, intervening with |its hydrological, biological and physical characteristics. The Plant hydroeletrci of Xingó, constructed in the decade of 90 controls the outflow in the Low São Francisco and this control comes modifying the natural process of outflow in its estuary, in result of this the width of its estuary comes diminishing constantly. As the river has lost its natural force and the water of the sea is entering upstream is if becoming common the appearance of species of the fauna never before found in cities that are the 40,0 kilometers of the estuary.This work if considers to analyze and to interpret satellite images characterizing and quantifying its results and correlating them with hydrological data of the same secular sample of the place in the direction to understand the changes in the natural dynamics of this imports rive
dc.titleUtilização do sensoriamento remoto para análise de mudanças na dinâmica da paisagem da Foz do Rio São Francisco
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