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dc.contributor.authorNOGUEIRA, Aline da Costa-
dc.identifier.citationNOGUEIRA, Aline da Costa. A qualidade da água subterrânea com ênfase na toxicidade dos radionuclídeos na região da província uranífera de Lagoa Real, Bahia, Brasil. Informe Técnico-Científico de Prevenção de Desastres e Ordenamento Territorial, v. 2, n. 1, mar. 2021.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractChemical elements, even if they occur naturally in the environment, can produce adverse health effects when ingested in high concentrations. The area is located in the Uraniferous Province of Lagoa Real, important uranium mineralizations occur, and for this reason, water containing this element and its daughter nuclides are expected. During the field stage in Caetité and Lagoa Real municipalities, 22 groundwater wells were sampled. For the uranium results, the wells represented by acronyms AC-14 has a concentration of 96 μ/L and the maximum value allowed by legislation is 30 μ/L. For radio-226, the AC-10 sample was measured 1.03 Bq/L, exceeds the limit established by law for water potability. For radio-228, mean concentrations of 0.91 Bq/L, and the maximum value detected in the sample AC-08 with 2.92Bq/L, being above the limit in all wells sampled. And finally, for radon, as an average concentration of 184.5 kBq/m3 is above that recommended by the World Health Organization, being the well AC-08 with values higher than the RAD-07 meter that is 1187.2 kBq/m3. The radionuclides studied are potentially harmful to human health, mainly because they are carcinogenic.pt_BR
dc.subjectLAGOA REALpt_BR
dc.titleA qualidade da água subterrânea com ênfase na toxicidade dos radionuclídeos na região da província uranífera de Lagoa Real, Bahia, Brasilpt_BR
dc.title.alternativeGroundwater quality with emphasis in radionuclide toxicity in the Uraniferous Province of Lagoa Real, Bahia State, Brazilpt_BR
dc.localRio de Janeiropt_BR
dc.creator.affilliationServiço Geológico do Brasil - CPRMpt_BR
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