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dc.contributor.authorJUNQUEIRA, P. A.
dc.contributor.authorLOBATO, L. M.
dc.contributor.authorLADEIRA, E. A.
dc.contributor.authorSIMÕES, E. J. M.
dc.identifier.citationJUNQUEIRA, P. A; LOBATO, L. M; LADEIRA, E. A; SIMÕES, E.J.M. Structural control and hydrothermal alteration at the BIF-hosted Raposos lode-gold deposit, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil. Ore Geology Reviews, Amsterdam, v.32, n.3/4, p.629-650, Amsterdam.
dc.description.abstractIn the Raposos orogenic gold deposit, hosted by banded iron- formation (BIF) of the Archean Rio das Velhas greenstone belt, thehanging wall rocks to BIF are hydrothermally-altered ultramafic schists, whereas metamafic rocks and their hydrothermal schistose products represent the footwall. Planar and linear structures at the Raposos deposit define three ductile to brittle deformational events (D1, D2 and D3). A fourth group of structures involve spaced cleavages that are considered to be a brittle phase of D3. The orebodies constitute sulfide-bearing D1-related shear zones of BIF in association with quartz veins, and result from the sulfidation of magnetite and/or siderite. Pyrrhotite is the main sulfide mineral, followed by lesser arsenopyrite and pyrite. At level 28, the hydrothermal alteration of the mafic and ultramafic wall rocks enveloping BIF define a gross zonal pattern surrounding the ore zones. Metabasalt comprises albite, epidote, actinolite and lesser Mg/Fe–chlorite, calcite and quartz. The incipient stage includes the chlorite and chlorite-muscovite alteration zone. The least-altered ultramafic schist contains Cr-bearing Mg-chlorite, actinolite and talc, with subordinate calcite. The incipient alteration stage is subdivided into the talc–chlorite and chlorite–carbonate zone. For both mafic and ultramafic wall rocks, the carbonate–albite and carbonate–muscovite zones represent the advanced alteration stage
dc.titleStructural control and hydrothermal alteration at the BIF-hosted Raposos lode-gold deposit, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil
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